Winter wedding


The new normal of isolation, uncertainty and inconvenience due to the Covid 19 pandemic upset our daily lives and plans for the future. Couples have to reconsider how to plan and postpone their wedding date for the end of summer, fall and winter, even into 2021.

My advice is to consider a winter wedding!

Getting married in winter is very romantic and the atmosphere is intimate and unique. I always consider myself lucky when they ask me to photograph a winter wedding.

There is something magical in winter light, soft, without high contrasts and romantic that allows very artistic, velvety images … nothing to envy to those of summer weddings.

Certainly, winter days are shorter and daylight doesn’t last long. I recommend planning the ceremony time in the middle hours, best at noon, to take full advantage of the daylight, in particular for the couple’s portraits and group photos.

Even in apparently critical situations a professional photographer doesn’t need a photographic set equipment, but the ability to capture light and the art of shaping it for high-impact wedding photos. Only in some cases, an auxiliary light could be useful and it is up to the photographer to understand if and how to use it.

I assure you that the photographs and video of a winter wedding are always amazing if you rely on a professional who knows how to stay creative in any light condition.

Also, there are no-season images, on summer or on winter, with string lights hanging, when the daylight is over. I also suggest to consider some posed photos indoors, any location always offers excellent ideas for a wow effect nuptial photo and also taking advantage of the light effects of the lighting service … you’ll get breathtaking images, trust me!

A winter wedding is a gr eat alternative and it is an opportunity for a definitely innovative and “different than usual” photo and video service.

In addition, waiting for a winter wedding, I offer my couples a pre wedding photo and video session, “just the two of them”, to be made in the months before the wedding, waiting to celebrate with all their guests a little later.

This way, they will have the opportunity to familiarize with my lens and create a feeling with me as a wedding photographer; a kind of general rehearsal before the wedding day.

We’ll choose “where” basing on the couple’s wishes, maybe a place that has a particular importance or connection with a memory for them.

We’ll decide the outfit for a well-defined look to be used during the shooting. It has to be in accordance with the place where we’ll be taking the photos; it is important what to wear and the colors of the clothes, but I’m here to help!

It could also be a shooting in which the marriage proposal is represented or a simple and relaxed couple portraits session.
The images can be included in the wedding album for a special story that starts right before the wedding.

Lastly, after the event and to the most courageous couples I suggest an “adventurous” shooting to be decided together, because, at that time, we have known each other so well and it is easier to find together the perfect idea!

Estella Lanti