She and He, I know, it’s strange to read these two words instead of the names of the bride and the groom.
The photos I’m sharing have been made for a very private wedding in July 2016 in the fabulous Villa del Balbianello.
The couple belongs to very well-known and conservative families and for legitimate reasons of privacy they specifically asked me not to publish any photo that shows any individual at the wedding. I was welcome to post any scenic picture as long as no individual is depicted even from the back and far, or details of them.
The shared pictures are just those of the wonderful scenery that Lake Como offers, of the beautiful floral arrangements and of the wedding cake.
I briefly tell you about this wedding I had the honor to documente and the wonderful relationship that came into being with that lovely couple.
The bride contacted me by email and immediately we came in tune with the style of photos she wanted. For her, it was also important having a female photographic team and for this reason it was not really a problem, I and Luna are women!

The preparations took place at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo and once ready the spouses reached Villa del Balbianello by boat. Once we landed in the gardens of the villa we immediately took photos of the couple and playing with the light filtering from the trees and choosing the most striking views.
The wedding dinner was held around an imperial table with the light of the candles and with a background of live classical music played by a female string trio.
A beautiful wedding cake closed the festivities.
I really enjoyed the treatment, the care and the attention that they reserved to us and I was not able to avoid to move when they delivered me an elegant thank you card in envelope closed with wax, you can see it in the first photo in which I obscured their names.

This post gives me the opportunity to write about customer privacy.
Certainly sharing wedding photos is important and allows us to promote our work. When a couple visits our website and sees our photos can connect with our artistic vision and can make the decision. This is possible thanks to other customers who have allowed us to use their images for our promotion.

Most of my couples are happy when I share their wedding photos. But when a couple has a legitimate concern about their online privacy I respect their desires. My business is based on recommendations, word-of-mouth by past customers and I never betrayed their trust. I think that’s also part of our customers’ experience with me, I’m all about my couples.

She and He asked me to share only photos of the places and some details, to use their review but to omit their names.
This is their feedback as soon as they received the photos:

Thank you so much for doing such an excellent job during our big day. Your entire team were amazing and we are very happy that you were able to catch such beautiful moments.
Thank you for sending some pictures over, the shots took our breath away and we couldn’t be happier!

I conclude by saying that the most beautiful thing I love after my job is to make my couples happy … Love is all around

Their review:

Now that the wedding is over, I have come to realize just how important having an excellent photographer is. Building up to the date, I became very focused on arranging every single detail of the wedding that when it was all over, I realized that possibly the most important person at that moment was our amazing photographer, Estella, and her entire team. She was responsible for capturing all our moments for us to treasure for a lifetime. Although having a destination wedding can be daunting, working with the best team truly makes a big difference. Not for one second have I regretted my decision to have Estella as our photographer. She and her entire team were very understanding of exactly what we were looking for and truly respected our vision for the day and especially, our privacy. She was always willing to work with our individual concerns and artistically captured all our important moments. When we first received our pictures, we were blown away by how absolutely beautiful they were and how Estella managed to capture such small details that I myself did not notice on the day. Looking through the pictures was like reliving our wedding day but through various perspectives. Estella works with an exceptional team of photographers and videographers which ensures that every moment and detail is captured. My advice to any bride-to-be is to really take the time in selecting the perfect photographer who would not only work with your vision and needs but also have such great talent that you can feel confident that they will give you beautiful pictures you can truly cherish for life. I am extremely grateful that I was able to have Estella and her team as my photographers; their passion for photography, and artistic talent shines through every picture and their kindness and character make them true professionals and a joy to have on at our wedding.