On the notes of the passionate Argentine tango ‘Por una cabeza’ Michelle and Toly had their first romantic dance in a funny way, just like their marriage.

The couple’s wedding took place in one of the most romantic city in the world … the fascinating Venice, which was more beautiful than ever on that day in late September.

The ceremony, with orthodox rite, was celebrated in the intimate little church San Giorgio dei Greci, with shimmering mosaics that highlighted even more the excited eyes of the two spouses.

Michelle, with her precious dress studded with diamonds, held Toly’s hand and together they started a new page of their lives.

Like in a fairy tale, the reception party was held in a dreamy venue … at “Ca Sagredo, a famous palace of the 1300s in Gothic and Byzantine style.

The imperial table was embellished with sumptuous floral decorations and, to complete the fairy-tale setting, the couple chose Venetian masks as  place cards, symbol and wish for a carefree life.