On 21st July 2018 Mariandrea and Alessandro said I do!
A couple who filled our hearts with such a shine.
We remember that when we arrived in Piacenza at the Volta del Vescovo, a historical dwelling of the ‘700, even before getting off the car to start the service, we already identified a beautiful wheat field where we’d liked to take pictures of the couple.
Mariandrea and Alessandro got both prepared at the same location and without hiding each other, more than a First-Look!
In fact, Alessandro himself picked up the wonderful bride’s wedding dress at the wedding dress atelier, a short lace sheath dress with train by Nicole Spose.
Mariandrea, once worn the dress was very rock!

Asia instead, their little girl, along with the other little bridesmaids attended the preparation of her mom looking at her with dreamy eyes. Enjoy the photos while she admires her mother’s dress!
The bride’s entrance was very touching, and Alessandro tried to hold back tears.
A marriage full of emotions and great love but, above all, lot of fun.
The couple’s close-knit friends made the day really unforgettable.
As usual, we dedicated the couple some time to take just-the-two-of-us styled photos and the result was really romantic because it was the first moment for them aside as a husband and a wife.
Look at the gallery and get excited with us!