Last July, Luna and I shot a lovely wedding at the amazing Ustaria Cà dal Rat in Orta, by the river of Lake Orta.
Lauren and Chris were so awesome and relaxed and they really made us feel part of the family.
Lauren got ready at Hotel Leon d’Oro in Orta San Giulio. She chose ivory for her wedding dress and the bouquet was colourfull.
The Bridesmaids Anika and Hannah purple dressed, helped her to put on the dress in the little attic of the Hotel room. The light there was incredibly suggestive.
The ceremony took place at Villa Bossi. Lauren and the girls reached the ceremony venue by boat and had lots of fun.
Chris, instead, was waiting for her at Villa Bossi with his Best Men Rich and Shaun.

It was an informal Wedding and everything was perfect.
After the ceremony, the bride and the groom had a boat trip to St. Julius Island-Lake Orta where we got some great images
of the beautiful couple walking along the narrow streets and stopping at the ancient well, under the arcade, on the steps…
The reception was held at the Ustaria Cà dal Rat where the couple and the guests enjoyed their wedding dinner with a special Italian risotto and tasty lake fish.
Funny speeches and good music!
Enjoy the photos! Are you planning to get married in Lake Orta? Book us for your Big Day!