Weddings at Relais Villa Vittoria always have something special, certainly thanks to the romantic atmosphere, the location on the shores of Lake Como and without a doubt the beauty of the venue.
Elisabeth and Richard’s wedding was a unique event, romantic and full of emotions.
Yes, through an esteemed wedding planner, a collaborator and dear friend of mine for years, I had the pleasure of being able to capture the emotion of every moment with my “magic wand” capturing those moments that will be destined to last forever.
All was framed in the beautiful landscape of Lake Como in such a fabulous villa: Relais Villa Vittoria, a hotel of great elegance and charm located in the romantic town of Laglio, a true internationally famous paradise, where I made perfect and incredible shots.
My job as a photographer is to help the couple to get a special memory of their marriage and to make it so unforgettable from the beginning to the end.
The preparation of the bride is always a beautiful moment to photograph, full of emotions and participation felt by relatives and friends: Elisabeth, in her hotel room, got into her dress and was helped by her mother and a dear friend of hers.
A perfect chance to tell the moments before she reaches the aisle for the ceremony, in a discreet and spontaneous way.
Elisabeth was wonderful in her dreamy wedding dress by Pronovias combined with her Jimmy Choo jewel sandals.
Ready for another shot ??? !!!
Even the groom got ready before saying the fateful “I DO”.
So why not document this phase also ??
On the wedding day I always try to capture the emotions of all the people, in particular of the closest family members and affections: the groom waiting for his bride, the bride’s arrival, applauses, hugs, speeches, moving caresses, cutting of the cake, toasts, lots of laughs, everybody’s smiles a tears, these are all the most important moments to be eternalized.

My job is to capture every detail of this special day, even the most intimate, interpreting feelings and listening to every wish of the spouses with the aim of returning a photographic reportage, with a sober and elegant style but at the same time unique and original with artistically stolen shots.
My couples literally live all the emotions and beauty of their wedding day through my photos.
To celebrate the marriage between Elisabeth and Richard in the fabulous garden of Villa Vittoria under a beautiful arch of flowers set up by a well known florist in Cernobbio, was a very special person: the husband of the wedding planner of this whole fairytale day!
After the ceremony it is always nice to take a group photo with all the guests.
Also the opening of the dances is a beautiful and significant moment to photograph and could be the ideal end of the photographic storytelling of the wedding party.
Creating weddings of one thousand and one nights must be a family vice !!!! Don’t you believe it too?
Once again my brilliant friend-wedding planner has created a perfect wedding!
Congratulations for the excellent work!
Planning everything to perfection made Elisabeth and Richard’s wedding so magical to be the envy of Cinderella!
And thanks to my “magic wand” lots of emotions can be relived forever!
Elisabeth is the perfect EL Bride and she lived
the experience of having me as her wedding photographer!