One of the most famous Irish songs says: ‘I built my dreams around you’, that’s exactly what we perceived when we met Chiara and Marco.

Their catching enthusiasm and complicity ensured that we received so much positive energy during their fall wedding at Magioca Resort in Negrar.
On their wedding day the sky was overcast and a light September rain was falling in the countryside around Verona. This little drawback did not affect the mood of these two, more smiling than ever. Will it be their joy to make the sun tick a little later?

The Irish band playing on the day, created a sparkling background music. The styling and venue with warm tones floral decorations perfectly reflected their relaxed and cozy vibe. The wedding venue, surrounded by the vineyards of Valpolicella, was the setting for the whole wedding.

Not much time left their “I do”, the bride, wearing a wrapped slightly rock boho wedding dress, shared with her bridesmaids some really exciting moments and … old memories made room for the new ones.After the touching ceremony, we spent some time with this lovely couple capturing romantic “just the two of us” photos.
It was their first moment alone as a husband and a wife and, thanks to their liveliness, their wedding photos convey all the joy and love of the two newlyweds.

The party went on and, by nightfall, on the magical time when the light is softer, just perfect for beautiful soft glow photographs, Chiara and Marco toasted their new life together, with their beloved families and guests.