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Hello Bride to be!
Today I’m writing about wedding robes! Yes, the robe you will be wearing during the preparation on your wedding day! Many brides do not know or maybe do not think about this aspect but actually wearing something nice while you’ll be having your hair in curlers, should not be overlooked 🙂
If you have decided to start your photo session with your preparation, consider you will be photographed in a very delicate moment, when usually your make up and hair are still incomplete, your wedding dress, of course, still to be worn …
In order to make the atmosphere really “soft” you should wear a dressing robe or a slip that fits the event.
It may seem trivial but we worked for brides who wore a gym suit, a dark sweater or cardigan borrowed from her grandmother. The clothes you wear are important to let you appear the best way. Photographing your hands resting impatient on your lap will have a completely different impact if you are wearing a tracksuit trousers or contrariwise a light, fluttering silk negligee.
It’s really important to understand who is the bride. You have to make the difference. It ‘s your day, enjoy it! There are many different kinds of robes and slips, elegant or informal, choose the one that fits best for you!

A must-have for the bride and her bridesmaid is silky-smooth wrap embellished “Bride” and “Bridesmaid” graphic on back, available in different colors. I suggest to choose white or pastel colors.
You can find some inspiration from Victoria’s Secret Collection.
Below you will find the photos taken during the preparation of some of our brides so you can see it is very nice when the bride wears romantic lingerie.
I’ll be back to you soon with new advices for you!
xxx Luna

Helping brides is something I really love and I was so happy when the well known WeddingWire directory wrote me!
They really liked my article about bridal robes and thanked me for taking the time to cover this.

They told me it was very helpful for brides.

After reading, they thought I might want to add my article to their list of tips and I’m more than glad to add their list of articles for brides on my blog, here it is! :

In the end our aim is to help brides! EL Brides !