Tips for bride bouquet

For Bride

For a “bride to be” the bouquet is a very important detail. With or without precious stones, sometimes in very original or unusual shapes and at other times in classic shapes but, anyhow, it is a very important choice to highlight the style of the bride.

We suggest you to choose the flowers for the bouquet basing on the seasonality and the time of year in which you’ll  get married and, obviously, in line with the style of your wedding dress and the fabrics.

Our rock bride, Chiara, has chosen a hand-tied bouquet: an arrangement which gives a casual look from the loose stems. This is a very popular choice for brides today for an easier and fizzy style, just like her!

Furthermore, her wedding dress with soft lines was greatly enhanced by the colors of the flowers, a mix of pale and brighter tints.

The combination was perfect. The Protea, a very romantic flower of September, surrounded by the Astilbe, was the protagonist of her bouquet and attracted the attention of all guests.

A perfect composition for our beautiful bride, sweet and rock at the same time.

And you bride-to-be? Which kind of bouquet are you thinking to choose?

We can’t wait to photograph it!!